Saskia Bouhoui

Saskia Bouhoui, 26, is working on her master’s in liberal arts at Sint Lucas. She is currently experimenting with the refraction of light through different objects. In September, she will start her training in glass blowing at the Academy of Music, Word, and Image in Berchem.

On our wall, you get the first taste of Saskia’s upcoming project in which she explores glass as a medium. Her colorful booklets invite you to play around with light and color. Saskia also transformed our corona screens into works of art, because why have a simple screen when they could be used as an artist’s canvas.

Saskia’s dream is to have her own business and start collaborations with hotels, restaurants, and events to offer them custom-made glassware. Expect ‘limited edition’ Saskia Bouhoui glasses for signature drinks or specific themed events. Besides her work as an artist, Saskia is also a dedicated cat mom, raising kittens, and once a year, she gives her offspring a loving home.

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