NOW: Anne-Marie Peters

Anne-Marie began the craft of ceramics more than fifteen years ago. Now her passion has become a lifestyle. Today she lives in Antwerp after twenty years of traveling and living in several places around the world. From Abu Dhabi to Shanghai, from Sydney and Melbourne to Tokyo. Travel has changed her perception of things, people, and what is happening in the world. Without exception, the places she temporarily called home, with their unique cultures and special customs, have influenced her work.

All creations are 100% handmade and unique. Anne-Marie prefers a simple yet sophisticated making process, using only natural materials. The final shape and organic look of the pieces reveal themselves only after two visits to the kiln. It’s impossible to have complete control over the clay and firing process. Anne-Marie believes that the “risk” of imperfection that comes with this is completely justified.

Anne-Marie’s work is for sale in ToiToiToi’s shop. Is your color or preferred shape not present? Let us know, and we will order it for you. Fun fact: We serve our flat whites and teas in Anne Marie’s ceramics. More information on her website.