16/01 | Toi Live & Art vernissage

Tuesday January 16th 2024Art vernissage from 18:00Live music from 20:00 Toi Art by Leen Hoogmartens  Leen’s work describes itself as compilations of a life, “best off’s” of days slipping by, music, train rides, encounters and touches that, thanks to time, become inextricably linked in a network of meaning. The images are a reflection of the […]

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18/04 Toi Tuesday | Live & Vernissage

Vernissage from 17:00Live music performances at 20:00 and 21:00 The intersection of music and art has long been a topic of fascination for creatives and enthusiasts alike. While these two disciplines may seem vastly different on the surface, they share a deep connection that has been explored by countless artists throughout history. In a unique […]

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10/01 Vernissage | PixelQuint

Tuesday January 10th from 19:00 Kwinten Hublau (30) lives in Borgerhout, and focuses on portraiture and street photography.He began pursuing photography as a hobby 5 years ago. “I prefer capturing people when they’re just having a moment. While I also do staged shoots, I like photographing people in unexpected moments. Even if they’re aware of […]

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