18/04 Toi Tuesday | Live & Vernissage

Vernissage from 17:00Live music performances at 20:00 and 21:00 The intersection of music and art has long been a topic of fascination for creatives and enthusiasts alike. While these two disciplines may seem vastly different on the surface, they share a deep connection that has been explored by countless artists throughout history. In a unique […]

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10/01 Vernissage | PixelQuint

Tuesday January 10th from 19:00 Kwinten Hublau (30) lives in Borgerhout, and focuses on portraiture and street photography.He began pursuing photography as a hobby 5 years ago. “I prefer capturing people when they’re just having a moment. While I also do staged shoots, I like photographing people in unexpected moments. Even if they’re aware of […]

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Vernissage | Xuan-Lynn Wang

Tuesday 08/11 from 19:00 Xuanlynn Wang (b.1994. TW) is a multidisciplinary artist who blends printing, photographs, material, and performing to practice and tackles the potency of symbiotic relations between human beings and their natural surroundings. During her fashion design studies, she realized that there was more waste being created from art than what was actually […]

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