16/05 Toi Tuesday | Sonder & Stephanie Engelen

Art vernissage from 18:30
Live music starting at 19:30

For our 3rd Tuesday of the month we are back with live music and a fresh vernissage.

Toi Live with Sonder. “Sonder” is the sudden realization that you are merely a passerby in the life of those who cross your path. Led by the beautiful and powerful voice of Belgian/Spanish singer Kirstie Di Alegria, “Sonder” takes you on a journey through strong grooves, melancholic melodies, and stories of escapism and the long search for happiness.

For their debut album, they traveled to Brighton, UK for a collaboration with Tim Bidwell, known for his work with Hardkandy. This takes the songs to a higher level and highlights many of Kirstie’s musical influences, ranging from Stevie Wonder and Fleetwood Mac to Feist and Radiohead.

Toi Art with Stephanie is a talented Motion Designer at DPG Media who finds solace in the world of art during her leisure time. Her passion for painting began during her Fine Arts education, which helped expand her appreciation for different techniques. Drawing inspiration from the captivating beauty of human faces, Stephanie has focused on creating an emotive series of expressive portraits. Each piece showcases her skillful use of color and composition, capturing the essence of her subjects in a stunning display of raw emotion. For those who wish to delve deeper into Stephanie’s artistic journey, her Instagram page offers a glimpse into her creative process and the stories behind each masterpiece.