18/04 Toi Tuesday | Live & Vernissage

Vernissage from 17:00
Live music performances at 20:00 and 21:00

The intersection of music and art has long been a topic of fascination for creatives and enthusiasts alike. While these two disciplines may seem vastly different on the surface, they share a deep connection that has been explored by countless artists throughout history. In a unique and exciting event, the worlds of music and art come together in a stunning display of creativity and collaboration.

At the heart of this event is the work of Juno Lauwers, a talented artist who has created over 150 engraved images that capture the essence of musical moments. Each image is a visual representation of a specific rhythm or note, captured in stunning detail and with an incredible attention to detail. Lauwers’ work offers a new perspective on the relationship between music and art, one that is both thought-provoking and visually stunning.

Accompanying Lauwers’ artwork are live musical performances by some of the most talented musicians in the industry. Ceres Lauwers on cello and text, Anke Ludwig on voice, and Robbe Broeckx on percussion come together to create a truly unforgettable experience. Their music provides a perfect complement to the visual art, bringing the engravings to life in a way that is both beautiful and emotional.

But the event doesn’t stop there. Also on display is a collaboration between artist Paul Bruijninckx and furniture maker Nol Breebaart. The two creatives met while organizing an art project for children, and their partnership has blossomed into an incredible exploration of the intersection of art and craftsmanship. Bruijninckx’s mastery of etching is on full display in his work, while Breebaart’s passion for well-made art shines through in his furniture design.

Together, these two worlds come together in a way that is both beautiful and unexpected. Bruijninckx and Breebaart have created a stunning collection of works that showcase the best of both art and craftsmanship. Each piece is a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of bringing different perspectives and talents together.

In the end, this event is a celebration of the creative spirit and the incredible things that can happen when artists come together. It’s a reminder that art is not just something we consume, but something that can inspire us and move us in ways we never thought possible. Whether you’re a fan of music, art, or just creativity in general, this event is not to be missed.