So this is X-mas?! with Dries Laheye and Sally Monella

To make last year’s Christmas a little less lonely, we live-streamed three unique concerts on YouTube and Instagram Live. These concerts also marked the unveiling of our cultural stage that will host many more events in the coming months. From dance to stand-up comedy, from music to poetry, from lectures to workshops, you name it! ❤️☕️.

Our Christmas live streams were hosted by Nick Laenen and filled with lovely performances by SOLAK, Dries Laheye, ANNNA, Bastian Benjamin, and Sally Monella.

On Christmas eve, we started with Dries Laheye, a surprising musician unbound to genres. As a composer and bass player, he plays with STUFF, BRZZVLL, Hoera, Jameszoo, AAN, Fulco, and Liesa Van der Aa. Currently, Dries is compiling new work for a bass guitar solo set. Vibrating strings offer deep moods in compositions with room for improvisation.

Sally Monella continued the night and effortlessly proved that drag queens can do more than dance and lip-sync. As one of the only live singing drag queens of Belgium, she took us to the “good old days” with jazz, crooners, and soul music, some of the classics in a new guise, and combined it all with humor.