From September to November 2021, we were exhibiting the works of a bold, new artist. Pascie, originally from Amsterdam and now based in Antwerp, is an abstract painter and visual artist. In his work, he explores the relationships between chaos and harmony, music and painting, as well as spirit and color. Pascie creates experimental, colorful, and strong artwork, often inspired by global challenges such as environmental activism, distribution of capital, and wildlife protection. As an artist, he enjoys inviting the unknown and the unexpected, moving from chaos into harmony and back. Pascie strives for a high level of abstraction, through somewhat familiar natural shapes, coming from an insatiable need to explore, to experience, and to find himself spiritually.

The artworks on view are part of Pascie’s ‘Big Jazz’ series, touching upon spontaneity, improvisation, virtuosity, and spirit. “Both music and painting are in essence jazz variations to me. Jazz is about living and freedom.” In his free time, Pascie practices to become a jazz drummer, allowing him to translate his newfound understanding of rhythms into the practice of painting.

This year Pascie has participated in group exhibitions in Madrid, Milan, and London, and will participate in upcoming art fairs in Innsbruck and Monaco. This September, he has his first solo exhibition from 3-9 September at NDSM Fuse in Amsterdam. His work has been published in several magazines and recently received an award.

Check out his website ( and Instagram (@pascieart). For prices or other inquiries, you can contact Pascie directly through e-mail ( or Instagram DM’s.

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