NOW: Anne-Marie Peters

Anne-Marie began the craft of ceramics more than fifteen years ago. Now her passion has become a lifestyle. Today she lives in Antwerp after twenty years of traveling and living in several places around the world. From Abu Dhabi to Shanghai, from Sydney and Melbourne to Tokyo. Travel has changed her perception of things, people, […]

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Tineke van de Sompel

Since the age of 16, Tineke Van de Sompel goes through life with a camera in her hand. She acquired the technical know-how during her training at the Academy, but her intuitive gut feeling makes the portraits unique. Photography plays a vital role in Tineke’s life, as well as her studies infilm and a recent […]

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Hanneke Quack

Quak had the shortest running exhibition in the history of ToiToiToi. After one week, ToiToiToi had to close its doors due to corona restrictions, and our visitors could no longer admire Hanneke’s works. Born in 1985 in the Netherlands, Hanneke moved to Antwerp in 2011 and studied at the University of Antwerp. Today she has […]

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