26/04: NO JIM | band

Showtime: Tuesday 26/04 @ 19:30

We’re very happy to welcome the dreamy indie-pop band NO JIM on April 26th. The three young upcoming musicians will take you on a musical journey of dreams, love, and melancholy with intimate yet challenging sounds.

NO JIM is a three-piece band whose music moves between indie rock and dream pop. With melancholy in their pockets, they explore the lyrical tension of love, relationships, destruction, and healing. The sparse compositions combined with melancholic sounds are intimate yet challenging. Together they explore the emotional boundaries of music and art by playing with both text and sound. 

Some fun facts about the band:

  • All three recently graduated from the St. Joost Art Academy 
  • During the lockdown, they hosted several pop-up type shows (2021)
  • They were selected to play at Struinen In De Tuinen (2021)
  • They performed at the cultural hub ‘DOOR’ (2021)
  • They were part of the line-up at the Soulpicks Festival (2022)
  • And lastly, they are about to release their first single independently!