19/04: Sofian | music

Showtime: Tuesday 19/04 @ 20:00

Sofian Dhondt is convinced that music is a treasure to be shared. That is why this performer is also a self-styled music therapist in the children’s hospital in Brussels, for which Sofian helped set up the production Stories.

After studying at the Ghent Conservatory, Sofian participated in several musicals such as Grease and the Beauty and the Beast and in the programme The Voice of Flanders. Formerly known as MC of the Red and Blue and until the lockdown with the North Side Bigband and the musical reading of Houdbare noten.

In recent years, Sofian has wanted to bring music even closer to its true self and sounds like it has been reborn. Nowadays Sofian performs mainly in Spain together with blues pianist August Tharrats.
Exclusively for you… this time in Belgium… in Antwerp… pop songs from all times in an intimate setting.

Always open for adventure and musical dialogue… so your input is welcome, enjoy!