31/05: Maité & Willem | Vernissage

From 17:00 onwards, we’ll celebrate our new art on the wall! Pass by and check out the amazing street photography from Maité and Willem!

Willem Dirks (NL, 1987)

Always being intrigued by cameras and the magic behind them, Willem Dirks’ has continually been documenting his surroundings through photography one way or another. Inspired by sociology and urban social life around him, he’s been intensively photographing social life in Antwerp’s different neighbourhoods throughout the last couple of years ago. Through solo trips as well as trips with his partner Maité he has been broadening his body of work to an international context. This is a glimpse of his work.

Maité Poppelaars (BE, 1994)

Growing up Maité always has been surrounded by photo’s. Her mother studied photography and in house they had different photo books. Sally Mann was one Maité immediately fell in love with. Not knowing she had the same passion as her mother, after studying theatre-drama and graphic design the connection of those two artforms really introduced her to photography. From theatrical point of view she loves to focus on capturing fragments of one’s life, one’s story. Much like a film still. 

Maité Poppelaars
Willem Dirks