24/01 Toi Live | Fro Lestrange

Tuesday 24/01 starting at 20:00

Fro Lestrange hit earth years ago. For years this majestic creature tried to blend in, to hide from the frowns in the crowd, and so they acted ‘normal’. What a horrible time it has been. Then one night, out partying, they decided to do an ultimate reveal and never ever had they felt queer joy so intensely. From that day on, they decided to put themselves out there, and to provide a castle to the queer, necessary shelter from the normies. Maison Particulier has a loving drag mom, who was guided into the light by her precious auntie V. The mom has transcended the primitive notion of gender, the children shall unlearn many things. At least they’ll decolonize theirs minds and heal their collective connections. Come to this shared experience of transcending love and bathe in extraterrestrial bliss. ✨️