Toi live | Jürgen Augusteyns

Tuesday 15/11 – starting at 19:00

Come in on Tuesday and enjoy Jurgen’s tunes while enjoying one of our beverages and snacks.

Jürgen Augusteyns (°Ghent, 1972) is a Belgian guitarist/composer.

Coming from a pop and rock background and not being happy by the limitations he encountered, he chose to carve his own path.

For the last couple of years Jürgen mainly has been focusing on his genre crossing/blending solo-guitar work, developing a distinct, recognisable style influenced by guitarists such as Loren Connors, Chris Forsyth, Mick Turner and Marisa Anderson but also musicians and bands by the likes of Glenn Branca, Oren Ambarchi and Six organs of admittance, to name a few. 

Instant composing is the common thread in both his recordings and his live performances, often making use of minimalist structures and repetitive patterns.