20/06 Toi Tuesday | Seba Colson & Nattida-Jayne Kanyachalao

Art vernissage from 18:00
Live music starting at 19:30

For our 3rd Tuesday of the month we are back with live music and a fresh vernissage.

Toi Live with Seba Colson

Toi Art with Nattida-Jayne Kanyachalao

She has roots in Thailand, but grew up in Belgium.
Living between two cultures makes her belong everywhere and nowhere.
Traveling is a not solely a way of searching and discovering, but also a revisit of her own roots and those of others on her and their path. Nattida-Jayne has her own pace of making a journey. Sometimes she’ll have an immediate connection with a place or panoramic view. On other occasions it’s only after multiple visits that a feeling of belonging there overcomes her.
On a few occasions you might see people, but they are always anonymous, as if they are just there for scale and are part of the real subject of the photos: her love for the vastness of nature and its quiet yet undeniable presence everywhere. The eye and vision of the photographer is equally undeniable. In all their stillness, the images invite the viewer and have an attractive pull inwards. More than mere souvenirs from a holiday or trip, Nattida-Jayne’s photos are a search for and an invitation to places anyone could think of calling home.